Private Kindergarten DRITA

DRITA Kindergarten is the first private kindergarten, founded after 1989 in Bulgaria. It is an inseparable part of the whole educational process of DRITA School. Licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science (№ РД 14-60);

DRITA is situated in a comfortable building near the Vitosha mountain. It has a safe playground, sports facilities and a peaceful and panoramic view. Qualified teachers take care of the children with love and professionalism. Daily medical reviews, consultations with a psychologist and a speech therapist as well as healthy, balanced meals and door to door transport are available. All this to make you and your children feel secure and at ease.

Educational Process

The educational process is based on our own programme, consistent with the programmes, established by the Ministry of Education and Science. It aims at the intellectual, lingual, emotional and physical development of every child, corresponding to his/ her personal needs and abilities. It includes daily lessons in Bulgarian, Literature, Mathematics, english, Natural and Social environment, Music, Dancing, Arts and Sport (swimming and ski). All materials needed for the educational process are provided by DRITA. Moreover, individual piano lessons could be provided for those who have interest in this activity.

Busy with games, under the constant care of specialists and professionals, the children get to know themselves and gain knowledge of the world around them. In a safe and considerate environment they learn how to communicate with peers and adults, to express their feelings, to be responsible, to take decisions and gradually to become independent. Traditional Christmas Concert is organized every year, as well as Spring Concert and Concert at the end of the school year, where actually the children have their chance to demonstrate skills, excellent english and ability to have fun. 



There are five age groups:

  • First A group - children over the age of 2,5.
  • First group - children aged 3 and above.
  • Second group - children over the age of 4.
  • Third group - children over the age of 5.
  • Preparatory group - children over the age of 6.