Who We Are?

Vision and Mission

Motivated and dedicated students who know their strengths and manage to reach their potential, making the world a better place!

In order to achieve this we:

» build up safe and stimulating surroundings, in which every child advances academically, socially, emotionally and physically as a part of a bigger, supporting community;
» encourage the achievement of high personal goals; 
» recognise the importance of all kinds of success;
» provide a choice of activities, enabling every student to show his/her worth;
» keep close contact with parents in order to support the efforts of the children;
» provide qualified teachers with extensive professional experience and interests, who direct and support the individual development of the students;
» have appropriate facilities and modern equipment. 

Our Values

Honesty and integrity in the relationships.
Quality in everything we do.
Everyone matters.
Upbringing is as important as education.;
We love what we do!

The syllabus, the various development activities, the location, the excellent school equipment and, mostly, the people, make our school unique.